Jean Andre Estelle, the Lord of Arles

Marquis Estelle is a music composer originally from the state of Mississippi. The name “Marquis Estelle” is an actual family title from France, and a direct ancestor. The family is French but has been in the Southern US since the middle 1600’s. He grew up in a small-town rural setting in Mississippi.
Classical piano lessons at his aunt’s piano school started at the very end of age 4 and continued until age 15 with regular recitals and other performances throughout those years.

At age thirteen he discovered electronic keyboards and purchased a Farfisa “Professional Piano,” a Peavey amp, and an Ibanez Flanger pedal, and began to play relentlessly. In college he was quickly drafted into bar bands playing hair-band music, and good old rock and roll. This lasted for about 400 professional gigs then switched to a university sponsored “Tuxedo Band” that played show tunes with a chorus and back-up band.

Even later he began to collect serious amounts of analog keyboard gear and has yet to stop. Tube gear is the craze at the moment, including tube guitar amps and effects, compressors, etc.

Besides the musical training and experience, the Marquis Estelle has a graduate degree in Philosophy of Mind.

He has married, his wife is full-blooded Italian and her family is originally from Tuscany.